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Call for Presentations

FS-ISAC & BITS Annual Summit 2015

May 17 - 20, 2015


Call for Presentation has now closed. 
Notification of acceptance is February 24, 2015


There are three presentation types available:

  • For members, a proposal of either a panel, standalone or co-presentation can be submitted. There is no cost to members for speaking sessions. Member submissions that involve a sponsor will be considered sponsor sessions.

  • Non-member presentations* must accompany the appropriate Sponsorship Level. For a Platinum or Gold level sponsorship that includes a general session or "track" stand alone slot, a complete presentation proposal must be included. Non-members and sponsors should review the cost prior to submitting a proposal.

  • For Solutions Showcase presentations*, your submission must accompany the silver sponsorship.

*If approved, you will be invoiced at the appropriate sponsorship level. 

Financial Services - Information Sharing and Analysis Center

FS-ISAC sponsors the only industry forum for collaboration on critical security threats facing the financial services sector.

Tips for Selection:

  • The Scope of Your Personal Expertise and that of any Co-Speakers, Moderators or Panelists - You should be very well versed in the topic to be addressed and equally skilled at presenting. The Committee will be looking for evidence that the speaker is an expert in the topic proposed.   Are you considered an expert on this topic by your professional peers?
  • Selection & Timeliness of the Topic - Is this a topic of current importance to Summit attendees? Is it one our member firms are struggling to get their arms around? If it’s a topic that was of major importance at past conferences, you may need a fresh approach to drive interest for this year. The Committee assesses both the technical merits of your proposal, as well as the potential interest of your presentation to attract attendees.
  • Educational Value of the Topic - The number one reason that sessions aren’t selected is that the Committee believes that the topic is a thinly disguised sales pitch. Be extremely objective in considering whether a member attendee might believe that your session is about marketing or selling your company’s products or services. Additionally, members respond very positively to detailed case studies and real implementation stories - both domestically and internationally. Members like to leave the conference equipped with “lessons learned”, something they can bring back to the office to improve their own job function.
  • Develop a Unique Approach to the Topic - Recognize that your professional peers may be submitting their proposals on a similar topic. Evaluate how to make your proposed topic stand-out from the crowd.
  • Consider Including a Member Firm - Feedback from prior conferences indicates that case studies including members have been exceptionally well-received, so please take this into consideration.

Some Suggested Presentation Topics – In Order of Importance to Membership

  • Threats and Attacks
    • Advanced cybercrime
    • New wave destructive malware (ex; Shamoon)
    • New techniques for detection and mitigation
    • 2014 trends and 2015 predictions
    • DDOS (insights, inciden response, defenses)
    • Case studies and lessons learned
  • Analytics and intelligence
    • Improvements in intelligence sharing
    • Automation of intelligence
    • Role of government and sector during incident reponse
    • Success stories in the use of analytics
  • Governance
    • Social media
    • Mobile and BYOD
    • Cloud computing
    • Data protection
    • Awareness and training
    • Risk management
    • Compliance
    • Application security
    • Convergence of physical and cyber security


Three Presentation Choices Are Available

FS-ISAC Summits feature presentations at general sessions, in “track” breakout sessions, and as part of a moderated panel. If you wish to be part of a panel.


Vendors Must Sponsor in Order to Present

Vendors and solution providers must sponsor at the appropriate level in order to obtain a speaking slot. Sponsors should review the Sponsor Prospectus for pricing information on available options. By submitting a call for presentation, you agree to the sponsor level and have appropriate funding secured.