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FS-ISAC 2017 Annual Summit Sponsorship Opportunities 
Maximum Exposure to Decision Makers - Limited Number of Spots - Act Today

Do you want direct access to the top information security executives within the financial services industry? How about face time with 90% of the largest financial institutions across banking, brokerage, insurance, card companies and payments processors? FS-ISAC is your go-to source that can make that happen. Why? Because we are a member-driven, non-profit group made up of those executives.

Our mission is to enable the sharing of cyber security and physical security information within the financial services sector. But we also have a track record of introducing solution providers to our members. How?

2017 Sponsorship Opportunities Audio – Call occurred on Sept 20, 2016

How it Works

These activities are not available to everyone. Our members have high expectations for the people they want to meet, the solutions they want to see and the content they want to look at. If you want to join an elite group of sponsors that are dedicated to helping secure the financial services sector, here are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Call for Presentations.
    Submit high quality content that will be thoroughly vetted by our content committee. All sponsorships (except bronze) require an approved presentation.
    • Platinum Sponsorship includes a 30-minute General Session speaking slot
    • Gold Sponsorship includes a one-hour Concurrent Track Session
    • Silver Sponsorship includes a one-hour Solutions Showcase, Product Demonstration (lightening round style)
    • Solution Providers, INCLUDING Affiliates, must sponsor at the appropriate level in order to obtain a speaking slot.
    • Sponsors should review the Sponsor Prospectus for pricing information on available options. By submitting a call for presentation, you agree to the sponsor level and have appropriate funding secured. A deposit of 20% will be due for approved Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors by January 19th. Please be sure to have approved funding and approval to submit a presentation and sponsor at the corresponding level. View Contract Terms
  2. Secure Budget and Approval for Participation. (Prospectus)
    Submit your presentation abstract, speaker information, etc. If your presentation is accepted, you’ll automatically be accepted as both a sponsor (at the approved level) and a presenter. 
    If the submitted presentation is not accepted, the Bronze and Additional Sponsorships will be available for first come, first come purchase. FS-ISAC Affiliates do receive a two day advance opening date (as well as priority booth selection). View More Information on the Annual Program

Important Dates/Deadlines:

  • October 1: Call for Presentations Opens
  • December 4: Call for Presentations Closes
  • January 5: Submission Notification
  • February 2: FS-ISAC Affiliates Open date for Bronze and Additional Sponsorships
  • February 4: Open date for ALL additional sponsorships

Appropriate Topics for Submission
Please adhere to the topics below (or similar) and refrain from any product or sales pitches (those will not be accepted).

  • Threats and Attacks
  • DDoS (insights, incident response, defenses)
  • Advanced cybercrime
  • New wave destructive malware (Shamoon)
  • New techniques for detection and mitigation
  • 2017 trends and predictions
  • Case studies and lessons learned
  • Analytics and intelligence
  • Role of government and sector during incident response
  • Improvements in intelligence sharing
  • Automation of intelligence
  • Success stories in the use of analytics
  • Governance
  • Social media
  • Mobile and BYOD
  • Cloud computing
  • Data protection
  • Awareness and training
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Application security
  • Convergence of physical and cyber security